treat yoselfWhen we think ‘treat’ we often resort to chocolate, wine, hamburger – cheat meals, indulgence, rewards for working doing that extra pump class this week.  But these so called ‘rewards’ will set you back when you’ve been working your ass off at the gym, they’ll offset the benefits of your hard work and they’re not in line with your goals… it hardly makes sense does it?

Redefining the Reward

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes a little wine and chocolate is totally warranted and sometimes a girl just wants a goddamn hamburger!  But how about coming up with some other forms of reward that don’t set your fitness goals back a month or make you feel guilty, and are aligned with your new awesome healthy lifestyle and adventurous self!

I did a little brainstorming and came up with some rewards that are awesome and motivating to me … Now to bust out some extra workouts so I can start earning them!

Kitesurfing Lesson

I’ve been wanting to try this for ages!  A fun, active day in the sun where I get to learn something new sounds pretty in line with my #fitnessgoals and interests.

Spa Day

What better way to reward those sore muscles with a delicious rub down… or maybe it’s a luxurious facial to make your skin really sparkle on that rockin’ body of yours.  Whatever your choice of indulgence, it’s always nice to do a lil’ something on the outside that compliments how great your feeling on the inside.

Retail Rewards 

What better way to reward yourself for sweating your ass off, than with showing off said ass in some hot new activewear.  New threads make you feel like a million bucks and you can never have too many pairs of cute leggings I say!

Alright, well I’m off to start working out my way towards that massage…  would love to hear what kinds of incentives you guys come up with to reach your fitness goals!