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Treat Yo’self


treat yoselfWhen we think ‘treat’ we often resort to chocolate, wine, hamburger – cheat meals, indulgence, rewards for working doing that extra pump class this week.  But these so called ‘rewards’ will set you back when you’ve been working your ass off at the gym, they’ll offset the benefits of your hard work and they’re not in line with your goals… it hardly makes sense does it? Continue reading “Treat Yo’self”



Introducing some of the badass beauties that inspire me to be my fittest, healthiest, most awesome self!  They’re not only great for eye candy, their awesome attitudes and individual personalities are super inspiring too.  If you’re a visual person like me, give them a follow on Instagram for daily #fitspo! Continue reading “#FitGirls”

Beet It


Have I told you how much I love beetroot?? My favourite colour happens to be purple so aesthetically it’s very appealing to me, it can be sweet, complex or earthy depending on how you prepare it and it stains your fingers pink when you work with it.

Continue reading “Beet It”

New Year New Blog

Welcoming the New Year with open arms, sunshine and yoga!

DSC_0027 (3)

The New Year is always symbolically a time for shedding the old, and welcoming the new.  What are you working on manifesting more of in your life?  What are you letting go of?  And most importantly, what are you grateful for right now?   Continue reading “New Year New Blog”

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